300hr Yoga Philosophy & Meditation Teacher Training:

"Nowadays, the practice of Yoga stops with just asanas. Very few even attempt dharana and dhyana with seriousness. There is a need to search once more and reestablish the practice and value of Yoga in modern times". 

- Tirumalai Krishnamacharya -

It's time to go deeper into your Yoga practice and learn how to apply the skills developed through asana and pranayama in their true essence.

RE-discover Yoga and build a practice that bears limitless fruit and improvement in both personal practice and classes for those who teach.

  • Level up your Yoga knowledge and skills.
  • Master powerful techniques beyond asana and add them to your daily practice and teaching.
  • Learn science behind pranayama and meditation.
  • Contemplate and internalize original teachings of the Yoga tradition opposed to confusing New Age concept.
  • Become a Yoga teacher that stands out in the modern Yoga industry.


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Our programs are designed for teachers and non-teachers from beginner to intermediate and advanced students.  

Our staff of world renowned instructors teach essential tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your own personal practice or your yoga teachings. 

For yoga teachers, our teacher course materials are aligned with Yoga Alliance standards and can be easily integrated into your one day or weekend workshops all the way up to your comprehensive teacher training programs.   

  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “As a founder of a well established Yoga academy, I have been running certification courses for over a decade, and worked with many philosophy and meditation teachers both from India and from the West. Alex’s [RE]YOGA COURSE really stands out in terms of impeccable delivery, ease of understanding and really good explanations. Alex is a highly educated professional and also a practitioner of what he teaches. I would recommend this course for both beginners and practicing yoga teachers.”


    Founder-Director of Vikasa Academy

  • course image_6 Private Classes & Meditation Alignment Sessions
    • Learn to meditate like a yogi
    • Get your mental and energy bodies adjusted during a private one-on-one sessions via Zoom

    “Alex's way of teaching is just incredible. He effortlessly explains even the most complicated concepts in such an easy and approachable way. His insights are fundamental and profound in my opinion. Thank you very much, Alex!”


    Yoga Teacher, Austria

  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “A unique opportunity in learning about the Self on a much deeper level, especially guided by one of the best teacher duo I’ve come across yet. I recommend this course to those who are interested in spirituality in the non-trendy way. Give it a try and you may find some gold nuggets here.”

    void graduates

    Yoga Teacher, Malaysia

  • course image_6 Private Classes & Meditation Alignment Sessions
    • Learn to meditate like a yogi
    • Get your mental and energy bodies adjusted during a private one-on-one sessions via Zoom

    “I cannot say enough about Alex. I came to him for some one-on-one yoga theory and meditation classes and it was really life-changing. I am so grateful I happened upon this delightful, enlightened teacher. Thanks Alex!”



  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “Completing over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings I have heard a lot about Yoga philosophy before. But this was the first time I could really understand the essence of it and the connection of the different teachings. It's very well explained and easy to follow. [RE]YOGA COURSE was a highlight for me. I enjoyed every part of the journey and it helped me deepen my own practice and my teaching skills.”


    Yoga Teacher, Austria