Our mission

The purpose of Higher Yoga Academy is to explain the essence of Yoga in a simple digestible manner and share it worldwide. We invite all modern practitioners to rediscover this profound practice; a practice that penetrates, reveals and transforms you from what you think you are, and into realizing your true essence, unchanging, indestructible and infinitely divine.

We are a team of expert instructors with over 100 years of combined practicing experience, and over 60 years of combined teaching experience of different branches of Yoga.   

At Higher Yoga Academy we are not into some modern neo Yoga. We rather aim to spread the resurgence of the authentic Yoga. It's an ancient wisdom formulated and presented in a modern way for a modern mind. 

Meet our team


Alex - Founder and CEO of HYA (E-RYT500)

Alex was initiated into the practice of yogic meditation at the age of 16 and remained fully immersed in the practice for several years to realize its essence. He later started to teach classes sharing the knowledge of self-realized yogis along with his own experience and insights received during his apprenticeship and years of daily study and practice.

Alex has trained over fifty 200HR and 300HR Yoga Teacher Trainings apart from dozens of advanced Yoga courses and workshops both online and in person. 

  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “Alex is a true yogi walking the talk. A humble caring intelligent man opens your mind to finding our true purpose in life and making us all happier calmer and better people. Thank you for being awesome.”

    New Zealand

  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “Alex's way of teaching is just incredible. He effortlessly explains even the most complicated concepts in such an easy and approachable way. His insights are fundamental and profound in my opinion. Thank you very much, Alex!”


  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “I cannot say enough about Alex. I came to him for some one-on-one yoga theory and meditation classes and it was really life-changing. I am so grateful I happened upon this delightful, enlightened teacher. Thanks Alex!”


  • Higher Yoga Academy

    “Alex is one of the kindest most gentle and realised teachers I have been blessed to have aligned with on my path. My time with him completely changed my life and I encourage anyone who is interested in self realization and service to other to get in touch with this angel 💚”



Christiaan - Senior HYA Teacher (E-RYT500)

An experienced and seasoned yogi, Christiaan started his practice and training in the 1970’s.  His most formative years were spent in the study of various Buddhist lineages alongside intense training in the Taoist martial arts.

Christiaan has lived in China since the 1980’s and has trained  select groups of students in rare and esoteric Pranayama, meditation and Taoist practices throughout India, China and South East Asia.


Victor - Teacher at HYA (E-RYT500)

Victor Kumar (VK) is an experienced internationally recognized Yoga teacher based in Macau. He is certified by Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500), World Yoga Organization (ECYT500) and Yoga Alliance International, India (CYT500).

Originally from India, VK has studied Yoga philosophy since college, and believes it to be a powerful way of realizing true essence of human existence. He took his first Yoga Teacher Training in 2011, and has been teaching full time since then.

Integrating his knowledge in choreography, modern anatomy and physiology with traditional Yoga, VK teaches classes of different styles for both beginners and advanced practitioners.