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Unlock Timeless Wisdom of Yoga

Understand the philosophy behind the practice with a one-of-a-kind course crafted for modern Yoga teachers and students. 


Explore In-depth Teachings, Guided Meditations, and Interactive Exercises to Transform Your Practice

and Bring Greater Balance and Fulfillment to Your Life

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Flexible Learning

Access the course content from anywhere at any time, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit complex topics as needed.

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Expert guidance

Learn from an experienced teacher, who will guide you through the intricate aspects of Yoga philosophy so that you truly comprehend the teachings.

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Certification Advantage

Earn a certificate in Yoga Philosophy, which can enhance your credentials as a yoga teacher and make you more attractive to prospective employers or students.

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WHAt will you learn?

The course includes 40 hours of lectures and guided practices across five modules:

  1. Foundations of Yoga Philosophy

  2. Understanding Karma

  3. Classical Yoga

  4. Tantric Yoga

  5. Hatha Yoga and Modern Yoga

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Looking for a Philosophy Course for Your Teacher Training?

Our Philosophy courses for 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings meet and exceed the new Yoga Alliance standards and are tailored for modern students. Use our courses to successfully deliver Yoga Philosophy in your next teacher training!

Golden Quotes

Alex is one of the best Yoga Philosophy and Meditation teachers I got to know.

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Elisa, Founder & CEO of Körpergefühl

Hear Directly From Our Students


After completing over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings, I had heard a lot about Yoga philosophy, but this course helped me actually understand it."

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Testimonial 2



Alex is a true yogi, walking the talk. A humble, caring, intelligent man, he opens your mind to finding your true purpose in life and makes us all happier, calmer, and better people."

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Alex's way of teaching is just incredible. He effortlessly explains even the most complicated concepts in such an easy and approachable way! Thank you, Alex!

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Meet your instructor

Hi! I’m Alex, your guide to meaningful practice.

My journey with meditation and Eastern philosophy began in my teenage years, and I've been immersed in the study and practice of yoga since 1998. Rather than focusing solely on the physical aspects, I delve into the deeper essence of yoga. After apprenticing with a yoga master for five years and receiving spiritual initiation, I began teaching in 2006.

Since then, my dedication to learning from leading experts and sharing the profound wisdom of yoga has only grown. Besides intellectual study, my teachings are rooted in years of daily meditation, periods of solitude, and intensive yogic practices. I've trained over fifty 200HR and 300HR Yoga Teacher Trainings and conducted numerous advanced yoga courses and workshops, both online and in person.

My goal is to demystify the core and hidden power of yoga, presenting it in a straightforward and accessible way to benefit practitioners worldwide.

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Take a look at these short previews for a glimpse of the course content:

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