HYA Evolution | Liberation Intensive®

Higher Yoga: Liberation Intensive includes 16 video lessons of theory and deep practice divided into 4 modules. Each Module includes 2 'morning' and 2 'afternoon' sessions. 

The morning sessions features intensive pranayama and visualization work. Classes will consist of 1-hour theory where students learn and refine 3 different Pranayama techniques from the classical Yoga tradition. They will then practice those techniques for 40-60 minutes, increasing the amount of breathwork each day. Additionally, students will learn and train one of the most powerful visualization and meditation teachings from the 9th century Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. A short Surya Namaskar sequence will serve as a warm-up for the higher practices.

In the afternoon students will explore advanced Yoga philosophy in the context of liberation from the conditioned emotional reactions (karma), and then embody this knowledge through 40-60min guided meditations.

Students will learn to integrate Pranayama and Visualization techniques into their meditation practice to attain greater focus and experience alternate state of consciousness free from conditioned patterns.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to easily add a Pranayama and Meditation/Visualization exercise to their daily asana practice or teaching.

Karma Burning