Private Classes & Meditation Alignment Sessions

When we practice Yoga, we aim to achieve stillness of the mind, not the body - the body is just a tool to help steady the mind using concentration through asana. This physical practice is a preparation to work with the mind, where the actual Yoga begins. Modern practitioners are usually more focused on adjustments of the body, forgetting where the most important adjustments should be happening.

When we adjust in asanas we aim to place every limb in a particular way to open up energy channels in the body… same goes in the mind - we need to concentrate the mind in a certain way to navigate through obstacles and distractions that block the psychic energy flow keeping us from realizing the true Self.

We offer a unique service providing private sessions for proper alignment of the mind, where we will adjust it through one-on-one guided meditation via Zoom in order to remove inner blockages in the subconscious and help make significant progress in your practice.

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